How Long Should You Workout on the Elliptical Machine?

If you are into cardio training, then the elliptical machine is an ideal tool to stay fit. An elliptical machine that is also known as a cross-trainer has several unique and stimulating features. 

These features have their advantages and disadvantages. Yet, there are many people who are not familiar with the extent to which they should exercise on the elliptical trainer to stay fit and healthy.

Exercising or training using the elliptical trainer provides its user to achieve the desired fitness goals. But, incorrect or inadequate duration and frequency setting can shroud with negative results.

Here, we will be talking about how long you can work out on an elliptical machine.

How Long Should You Workout on the Elliptical Machine

How Long Should You Workout on the Elliptical Machine


It is better to work out for an average of 150-200 minutes every week. So, you can exercise 30 minutes daily for five days a week.

This is sufficient to avoid gaining weight and decrease the risk of inflicting any disease. 

To derive its full benefit, walk or jog for an average of 12–20 miles every week. If you exercise for five days a week, you will reach the distance of one-mile in 15 minutes. 

But, if you are only working out for three days every week, then increase the time in every session to 60–100 minutes.



Training is going to be perfect if the user of the elliptical machine performs with the intended intensity. The higher the heart beats in a minute, the more calories you are likely to burn. 

For an amateur exerciser, the pulse rate may fluctuate between 55 to 65, while for experienced ones, ideally, it is 90.



Another vital thing to consider while exercising on an elliptical training machine is the frequency. We recommend you to work out for five days a week using it.

However, if your body permits and you are willing to exercise more, do it more than five days a week.



An elliptical trainer is one of the best fitness machines that lowers the chances of heart diseases by 45%. Walking for about 12 miles every week on the elliptical will help in lessening the level of cholesterol. Along with this, those who can work out for 20 miles can increase good cholesterol in the body.

Moreover, it offers to burn calories faster in comparison to aerobic exercise or simply running. An elliptical workout can burn about 8-9 calories every minute, while the other two do it in 11-12 minutes.



Unlike the treadmill or normal running, an elliptical cross-machine never showers unnecessary joint pain. As this machine is ideal for almost every age group, it is better to consider a quality trainer. 

Be it adults, middle-aged or older people; everyone can exercise on it to stay fit and healthy. Moreover, some of the best elliptical under 500 offer many unique features like any high-end machine.


Final Thought 

Many times, the user forgets to set your information before the workout. Also, people often put pressure on their toes and realize only when you do not feel your toes. Again, if your machine is making excessive noise, then check whether you are doing it too fast or not.

When you avoid these mistakes, you can achieve the fitness goals that you have set for yourself.